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Manufacturer of tank containers, road tankers and pressure vessels

Although the majority of UBH tanks are built to specific customer order, we sometimes have a small number of tanks available for immediate delivery from stock.



Currently available tanks held in stock are listed below. Please contact us for delivery arrangements.

50000-litre Stainless Steel Storage/mixing vessel or Silo
– one available

Originally built for use in an anaerobic digestion facility – the project never came to fruition and the tank has never been used – can be modified to suit customer requirements:

  • 50000-litre Atmospheric vessel
  • Vertical cylindrical tank with top dished end and conical bottom end
  • Various fittings including 600mm manway in top end and 600mm manway in shell
  • Inside Dia. 3300mm.
  • Shell straight length: 5300mm; cone length: 1797mm
  • Material of construction: shell 316 stainless (shell 4.00 mm, end & cone 5.00mm); support legs/doublers/lugs in 304 stainless.
  • Design Pressure 0.1 bar
  • Working pressure atmospheric
  • Design temperature: -20 to +80 deg C
  • Internal Finish: welds &ground areas not coarser than 180 grit; plate as supplied (2B)
  • Design Code: ASME VIII Div. 1

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3900-litre Stainless Steel Process/Pressure Vessel – four available

Type A x 2 : Type B x 2

Designed as sterilisation tanks for use in an anaerobic waste facility which was never completed – these tanks are brand new and completely unused – can be modified to suit customer requirements:

  • 3900-litre Pressure Vessel
  • Vertical Cylindrical tank with torispherical Dished ends
    (top suitable for fitting of agitator)
  • Material of Construction: 316 stainless • Volume: 3.9 m3
  • Dia: 1500mm
  • Shell straight length: 1900mm
  • Design pressure: 7 barg
  • Design Temp: -20 to +170 deg C
  • Design Code: ASME VIII
  • Lifting supports: Lugs on top

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Click here for drawing – Type A
Click here for drawing – Type B

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