Manufacturer of tank containers, road tankers,
vacuum waste tanks and pressure vessels

Why UBH?

UBH International has been making road tankers and tank containers for over 60 years.

With a global reputation for technical excellence, fully audited and certified quality systems and a complete in-house design and manufacturing service.

If you’re still wondering why UBH?, then look no further. 

read this Technical Expertise

Our engineers are respected around the world and we frequently get calls from countries across the globe asking for our help solving difficult technical issues relating to tank transport.


Quality of Design and Manufacture

We hold ASME U Stamp and R Stamp, Transport Canada, ISO 9001:2015 and multiple other quality certifications. Quality and safety of products is our number one priority and we ensure that all necessary standards and regulations are met on every product we produce

Complete ownership of the process.

We design all of our products in house and manufacture almost everything under our own roof. Apart from having all of our own welding equipment, from plasma TIG bed and circ welding machines for the vessels to orbital machines for pipework, we have our own X-Ray and other NDT facilities, as well as our own hydrostatic testing, passivation, shot-blast and painting bays.

If you buy a product from UBH, you buy a UBH product, designed, manufactured and fully supported by us.

UBH International

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